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National Scientific Conferences and AGMs

The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy since 1959 has organized Annual Scientific Conferences and Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

The first General Meeting of the Society was held on 28th November, 1959 in Lagos at 8 Club Road Ikoyi, Mrs M. E. Archer's home, a Physiotherapist in private practice. Sixteen persons were present including the founder members. Within a short period (1961-1962) the society was recognised by the Federal Government and other Regional Governments. It was the only body that had the power to negotiate with the governments.

State chapters of the society emerged after a few years. They were all under the umbrella of the parent body, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP).

For seventeen years, meetings of the NSP were held at Ibadan and Lagos respectively. As membership increased in various sector of the country, meeting venues shifted from the established bases to Enugu in 1976, Zaria in 1977, Ife in 1978, Lagos in 1979, Benin in 1980, Owerri in 1981, Kano in 1982, Jos in 1983, Akure in 1984, Lagos in 1985, Ilorin in 1986, Port-Harcourt in 1987, Enugu in 1988, Abeokuta in 1989, Kaduna in 1990, Ibadan in 1991, Kano in 1992, Markudi in 1993, Calabar in 1994, Kano in 1995, Lagos in 1996, Lagos in 1997, Zaria in 1998, Osogbo in 1999, Ilorin in 2000, Benin in 2001, Port-Harcourt in 2002, Abeokuta in 2003, Lagos in 2004 and FCT-Abuja in 2005, Ibadan 2006, Kano 2007 and Calabar in 2008.

This year's (2009) Annual Scientific Conference and AGM is the 49th annual conference and also marks the Golden Jubillee of the NSP which will be celebrated and hosted by the Lagos State Chapter of the NSP. Please see the Scientific Conference Website for details.

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